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Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil Our virgin coconut oil comes from Sri Lanka, where the coconut bearing palm tree Cocos nucifera is a key contributor to not only the diet, but also the history and culture of the country. This versatile crop provides a nutritious edible drupe (the coconut “fruit”) , refreshing coconut water, tough fibrous husks and palm leaves which can be woven into building and clothing materials, and of course the rich creamy coconut oil used in cooking, cosmetics and traditional medicine.
Sprouted Buckwheat
Sprouted Buckwheat Surprisingly, buckwheat is not a grain but is in fact a fruit from the same family as rhubarb and sorrel. Since it possesses similar attributes to cereal crops, however, it is often classified and used in a comparable way. Buckwheat has long been a key component of many traditional recipes from around the world including: kasha, a porridge-like dish from Eastern Europe; Brittany’s speciality savoury pancakes, known as galettes; and also Japanese soba noodles (soba is the name for buckwheat in Japan). [2] Not only is buckwheat today favoured as a gluten-free alternative, its proteins have a higher biological value than more commonly grown cereals such as wheat, barley, rye and corn, meaning they are more easily absorbed. As a result, interest is soaring in buckwheat’s nutritional properties, both as an added ingredient to other foods, or on its own in its pure, raw form.
Psyllium Husks
Psyllium Husks Our organic psyllium husks provide an excellent way of adding fibre to your diet. Mix with plenty of water or fruit juice as a cleansing and soothing health drink.
Bee Pollen
Bee Pollen Bee pollen is an appetising natural supplement that significantly improves nutrient intake. Our granules can be enjoyed on their own, or may be added to yogurt and cereals as a healthy snack.
Banana Powder
Banana Powder Our organic red banana powder and red banana flakes are carefully prepared to retain the unique taste of vine-ripened Ecuadorian bananas. Full of vitamins and minerals, they are ideal for dusting on desserts or blending with other nutrient-rich products to create energising healthy milkshakes and smoothies.
Golden Berries
Golden Berries Once regarded as a lost fruit of the Incas, golden berries offer a tasty, exotic and healthy snack. Use them instead of raisins when baking or in salads, or make your own trail mix with golden berries and your favourite seeds and nuts. They're also great as a topping on natural yogurt.