Why Organic?

Our health is directly connected to the food we eat. Organic farmers aim to produce good food from a balanced living soil. They use crop rotations to make the soil more fertile and severely restrict the use of artificial chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Organic farmers avoid using unnecessary chemical sprays. Food additives linked to asthma and heart diseases are among those banned under organic standards during production and processing. Needless to say that GM organisms are prohibited in organic farming methods.

The environment is also better preserved through organic farming. This is because less chemicals are used and less carbon dioxide is emitted. Thus the natural habitats of local wildlife are preserved.

We import premium brands which have the organic certification issued by reputable organizations such as the Soil Association (UK), USDA (USA), among others.

These brands are produced with the least possible negative effects on the environment. We will highlight some of the commitments and achievements from our suppliers. Alara Wholefoods is a zero waste manufacturing site as from the end of 2010. Oskri Organics is powered with renewable wind energy. Birt&Tang supports the Animals Asia Foundation. Clipper-Teas are produced in unbleached tea bags. Limafood, Bonvita, Landgarten and Clipper-Teas are committed to the fair-trade cause. The Landgarten soybeans are grown in an area free from any kind of pollution. Naturgreen and Ecomil make sure to reduce and recycle waste since organic principles are part and parcel of their philosophy. Rude Health are committed to reduce waste during production and distribution. Soyavit strive hard against Genetically Modified Soya beans. Sorianatural ensures that most of the raw materials used are grown on their actual plantations with the least possible effects on the environment. 80% of Just Wholefoods products are organic and in the future all new products will be organic. Naturya makes every effort to conduct business in a considerate manner everything sourced is sustainably-farmed, traded ethically and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

People tell us that they buy organic products because they taste better. We happen to agree; it certainly feels better! Knowing that you are eating or drinking something which is not remotely harmful adds to the pleasure of eating and drinking.