About Us

Green Trade was set up in March 2006 with the intention of promoting healthy organic food and beverages in Malta. Also we wanted to provide a variety of gluten free and lactose free products to the Maltese customer, who for some reason or another, has to follow a restricted diet.

Since the choice on the market at the time was very limited we felt that it was the time to satisfy the demands of the Maltese customers. At the same time we felt that we could give our share in helping the Fairtrade cause. We have managed to put a number of fairly traded products on the shelves of supermarkets and health shops around the island.

We believe that this is a just cause.

The Fairtrade mark is a guarantee that the producers in the developing world are getting a better deal. Our commitment is to put on the market high quality products and we are succeeding. We started with just 3 products... now we have over 400!

Our Story so far...

March 06 - Contacts made with Alara Wholefoods and we started importing the first three products: Luxury Gluten Free, Organic Rich & Fair Trade Muesli... Just like you should start the day with a healthy breakfast, we started Green Trade with breakfast muesli.

February 07 - Visit to the Biofach fair in Nuremberg, Germany. Contacts established with Clipper-Teas and subsequently we started importing a large variety of premium organic and fairly traded teas, infusions, hot chocolate and coffees.

August 07 - Non-dairy drinks and desserts are our next venture. We start importing the Ecomil and Naturgreen brands from Spain, including innovative products such as Soja Woman drink and Quinoa drink.

November 07 - Visit to Alara Wholefoods (London) and Clipper-Teas (Dorset).

February 08 - Another visit to the Biofach fair. Landgarten snacks are available on the market in June.

May 08 - Our distribution goes into the catering sector and we start supplying Clipper-Teas to hotels.

September 08 - We provide another range of herbal teas from Birt&Tang who kindly ask us to represent them in Malta. These teas combine Oriental wisdom with modern Western lifestyle values.

October 08 - Passengers flying on outbound Lufthansa flights from Malta are served a Landgarten soya bar. We're flying high!

December 08 - We are approached by Big Oz Organic, manufacturers of breakfast cereals, asking us to represent them in Malta, and of course we accept to provide the Maltese consumers with a wider choice of products for a healthy breakfast.

January 09 - Our prestigious Clipper-Teas are served to passengers at the La Valette lounge at the Malta International Airport.

February 09 - The annual appointment at the Biofach fair. Contacts with Oskri Organics established and the first consignment of healthy snacks arrives in April.

June 09 - One of the major supermarkets on the island asks us to supply a wider range of rice drinks. Contacts are made with Lima Food from Belgium and we start supplying rice drinks, rice cakes and other organic products.

September 09 - Visit to the Sana Fair, Bologna.

April 10 - Another prestigious brand from the United Kingdom, Fudges, approached us to be their representatives in Malta. Thus we are now providing the Maltese customers with this renowned brand of biscuits and crackers. Yummy indeed and why not, most of the range is on the healthy side too!

April 10 - A healthy breakfast is sinonimous with Green Trade. Thus we are now importing a wider variety of cereals from Rude Health.

May 10 - We believe in soya products. From Soyavit we are now putting on the Maltese market delicious pates and tofu varieties at very good prices.

May 10 - Launch of website.

June 10 - For the satisfaction of our clients we are stocking more products from the following brands: BigOz, Clipper-Teas, Lima, Naturgreen and Oskri. The choice is bigger now with more drinks, chocolate bars and dried fruit.

June 10 - The prestigious British brands Amisa, Biona and Raw Health produced by Windmill Organics are now available in Malta through us. We have been working for the past months to bring more gluten free and dairy free products and we have succeeded.

December 10- During the past months a lot of new products have been added to our portolio. Also, many new outlets are stocking our organic and healthy products. 2010 was a very good day and we promise that 2011 will be even better.

February 11 - Another visit to the Biofach Organic Fair is very succesful. Many new contacts established.

March 11 - We are now the exclusive distributors of lactose free chocolate and other products from Bonvita which are now available.

May 11 Very innovative products, all firsts in Malta are introduced. These include gluten free oats and oat thins from Rude Health, Sesame & Amaranth drinks from Ecomil and Protein Bars from Oskri Organics.

June 11 Our latest brand is finally in Malta. We are the exclusive importers and distributors of Spanish organic food Sorianatural. We have fiber burgers (not refrigerated), fruit pulps and noodles. Most products are low GI. Would you like some?

June 11 - We have been asked for vegetarian jelly and here it is. 4 different flavours from Just Wholefoods. In the coming weeks we will be increasing our products from this brand.

October 11 - Now is the turn for more organic super foods. We have been appointed agents for Naturya and we will bring a wide selection of nutrient rich power foods.

November 11 We are always increasing our range of products from various brands. The more the better. Our customers now have a wider choice of gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and healthy products. Also, we have met the requests of vegans and we are providing products which are also suitable for their needs.

November 11 We have always been asked to provide tasty products which are also suitable for diabetics. Now we do. We have been appointed agents of Vitalia brand and thus a good selection of diabetic products (as well as vegetarian items) is now available on the island.

May 12 Baobab Superfruit powder is now available in Malta; we are now the exclusive agents of Minvita.

June 12 A new brand available. Biopont from Hungary, bringing organic snacks and other products suitable for people on restricted diets.

May 12 Baobab Superfruit powder is now available in Malta; we are now the exclusive agents of Minvita.

June 12 A new brand available. Biopont from Hungary, bringing organic snacks and other products suitable for people on restricted diets.

February 13 Visit to the Biofach, organic fair in Germany where we met some of our suppliers and were introduced to many new products which will complement our range of organic and healthy items.

March 13 We have been approached by Snack Italy and appointed agents for Bya and So gluten free snacks from Italy.

April 13 Sukrin, innovative food products for the health conscious customers are now in Malta. Some organic, some gluten free, some suitable for diabetics all available through us, the exclusive agents.

This website was created by Daniel Borg and Michael Borg.